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Welcome to a new school year.

We are delighted to have welcomed everyone back to school this term.  It has been a real pleasure hearing about holiday adventures and catching up with everyone in the Short Wood Community.


We have a number of new members of staff that have joined us.  Miss Matthews (Class 8), Ms Edge (Class 12), Mrs Anderson (Class 16), Miss Taylor (Class 11), Mr Walker (Class 17) and Mrs Morris-Batement (Year 5). We know they will be made very welcome as they get to know how the school runs and become familiar with the whole community.


Congratulations to Mrs Loakes, Mrs Tymon, Mrs Fairgreaves and Mrs Dallow whose babies arrived over the summer holidays, it has been lovely seeing the photos of the new arrivals, we look forward to meeting them all in person.


There are plenty of exciting learning opportunities planned this term  across school.  You will be receiving information and dates as planned trips and visits come up.  We will also be planning dates for events across the term shortly. 


Last year we held our parents evenings early in the term and this proved to be successful.  Our first parents meetings this term will be on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th September.  These will provide an opportunity for parents and carers to tell their children's new teacher all about them, what they are great at, their interests and the things they may need additional support with.  In order to get the very best out of every child we know that working in partnership is essential. 


ParentPay has been introduced this term so all payments can be made online.  This has been a service we have had many requests for.  We recognise that as we get up and running, and set up the system, there may be some teething problems - please just contact the school office if you have any concerns or issues arising.


Congratulations to our first Golden Leaf winners of the year, they have had an excellent start to the year and are great role models for all of our pupils.


We are looking forward to a really successful year and all the learning adventures ahead.  As always if you have any concerns arising do not hesitate to contact school.




Overall School: 93.3%