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School Council’s Anti-Bullying Leaflet

What is bullying?


Bullying is where someone repeatedly does something to you that hurts you physically or verbally

  • Cyber bullying (bullying through technology)
  • Verbal bullying is being mean with words
  • Physical bullying is where someone punches kicks or pushes the victim



People who can help


All of the adults in Short Wood will listen and sort out any problems you feel you may have.
Here are some of the people you could ask:


Mel Jones and her lunch time team


Mrs Harris and Mrs Butele are ready to listen


Mrs Waterhouse and Mrs Saunders are here to help


Jane is always ready to help, Gemma and Louise work with Jane too


Sue, Mel and Tegan and Sharmin, the office staff will help


Our experiences


I’ve been bullied, I told a teacher and they sorted it out


I’ve been a bully and I said sorry and never did it again


My friend was a bully and I persuaded them to stop


My friend has been bullied , I helped them to tell an adult and with their help in the end we made friends with the bully


How can we help the bullies


  • We can work together to show them the right way
  • Tell a teacher
  • We need to teach the bullies that in the future it could happen to them
  • When wrong choices are made we have to own up


How to stop bullying


  • Ignore them
  • Tell an adult you trust
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Report online bullying using CEOP
  • Find a friend you trust to tell, then get an adult to help
  • Ring Childline (0800 1111)


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