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Parent Governor election September 2021

Welcome back to school September 2021

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Whole school COVID update - June 2021

January 2021 lockdown update

Return to school 5th January 2021

New Dinner Menu Autumn 2020

Covid Update 9th November 2020

Covid Update 5th November 2020

New Covid Guidance 2nd November 2020

COVID notifications in half term

New Menu Choices for Next Half Term Nov-Dec 2020

Autumn Half Term Update 2020

Toast/Fruit snacks on Parent Pay - new arrangements

Returning to School - September 2020

Coronavirus Reminders for Parents

First week back - June 2020

Possible School Reopening 1st June 2020

Latest update Corona Virus 17th March 2020

NSPCC Speak Out Programme, November 2019

Upcoming Beam Workshops, November 2019

Parent Pay Release, June 2019


Overall School: 96.6%

Aiming High; Growing Dreams