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Year 6 Kindness Ambassadors

Year 6 Kindness Ambassadors

2023 - 2024


These are our Kindness Ambassadors for this year -

Haleem, Amelie, Taita, Kinza

Zaiba, Asmaa, Zainab, Cyprian

Teigan, Andreea, Femah




The Kindness Ambassadors have been really busy this term, spreading the kindness message across school. They have been visiting classes in Early Years and Key Stage One to share the  ' Bucket Full of Kindness' story and to collect ideas about how we can all be kind at Short Wood.

Meeting - 8th February 2023

Today was a special day for the Year 6 Kindness Ambassadors as they received a 'Building Bridges' award from the Borough Mayor, Cllr Raj Mehta for their work around promoting kindness in school. The ambassadors are currently working on a Kindness Manifesto for Short Wood and looking at ways that they can work with our mentoring team to support wellbeing across school.

26.1.23 - Meeting

The Kindness Ambassadors had their first meeting today. They are going to create a kindness manifesto for Short Wood and think about the messages they they want to share about this. We can't wait to see what ideas they come up with.


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