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Autumn 2023

Year 1 and 2


This term we are learning about celebrations and have made lots of birthday cakes in the mud kitchen! We have learned lots of new words and enjoyed using them in Forest School stories. Our grown-ups have also come and joined us for a session making birthday crowns and playing our favourite games!


Year 5


We have started the term with a session learning about the Cornovii tribe who used to live on the Wrekin. This was in preparation for a visit to the Wrekin to see the remains of the hill fort. We learned how to make wattle and daub and have started to build a round house. We ground wheat to make flour and tried to make it really fine because skeletons of the Cornovii people showed that their teeth were ground down by the bits of stone in their flour! We also learned about how the Cornovii lived and what jewellery they wore - we had fun making some out of clay and jewels!

Cornovii Experience!


Overall School: 93.2%