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Transition is crucial to ensure pupils are prepared for Nursery, school or their next class or next school and that staff have all the information about each individual child they need to ensure the transition is smooth.


Transition is when a pupil moves from one phase of education to another:


  • Nursery to Reception

  • class to class,

  • Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2

  • Key stage 2 to Key stage 3 (secondary school)

Early Years undertake an induction programme including letters and visits into Nursery for parents and children.


Reception children start full time at the start of September. Our Early Years manager visits all children in their Nursery setting to ensure a smooth transition to Primary School. where pupils have additional needs identified the SENCO attends the pre visits and meets with the Nursery setting SENCO so that provision maps can be discussed. Additional support is then identified and planned for on entry to Reception.


Pupils with additional needs who join our school either at the beginning of the year or during the academic year will be supported, as appropriate, so that a successful transition is achieved. The school works together with the Local Authority where a child is starting our school with a statement of Educational Needs to ensure that they are appropriately supported in conjunction with parents.


Parents/carers are welcomed into Nursery and Reception and invited to attend induction sessions where they can ask questions about their child(s) school life. Staff also invite parents to settle their child into each session and have the opportunity to ask questions and share information.


Overall School: 93.3%