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Parent Pay


From September 2019, we will be introducing 'Parent Pay' to our parents.  This is a safe online way of making payments to school, rather than using cash or cheques.  Your child will be given a unique reference number and PIN code.  Once you receive this, please register for an account at and activate via the Account Login area of the site.

For a brief overview of Parent Pay, please click on the following link for a brief video:


Payments for school meals, trips and clubs must all be made by Parent Pay from September.  This system can be set up on your phone, so payments couldn't be easier - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you will be able to make payments or check on your child's account balance.  There is also the option to make payments via bank transfer to keep the balance of the account topped up.  If you have more than one child in our school, you can add them all onto the same account.  This also applies if you have a child at another school that uses Parent Pay.


Please help us by registering your account as soon as possible.

Power Point Presentation for Parents

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