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Supporting your child while you need to stay at home:


We have listened to your feedback and have altered the way we are going to support learning at home for the summer term.  We have altered the website to simplify access to daily learning.  We DO NOT expect children to be sat at a desk all day completing tasks.  We want them to use this time as an opportunity to develop their independent learning skills.  We want them to play a lot, to use their imaginations, to ask questions and be as creative as they possibly can.  Most of all we want children to have the opportunity to have fun, build positive memories and engage in the environment they are in. 


  • To support our families and community everyone will receive some learning ideas through the post later this week.  These are open ended and can be extended /altered and developed however you would like.
  • We are also going to add daily learning ideas to the website from Monday 27th April to allow you to add a little structure to your day as we know this can be supportive.  Click on 'Supporting daily learning at home' on this page to find daily activities if this works for you.
  • We are using Dojo to share learning and to share stories - this is a great way for our teachers to offer more personalised support and feedback, please use this to communicate with your child's teacher we really want to hear from you.
  • For Nursery and Reception there is a dedicated email address for each class - please use this to contact your child's teacher and keep in touch, our teachers really want to hear from you all. We are also sending out details to sign up for Class Dojo - please look out for these.
  • Staff are manning the office in school daily - if you need any support at all please get in touch and we will do our best to help.  If we haven't heard from you via email or Dojo we will be calling to catch up with you while we cannot all be in school.
  • The individual class pages will continue to have a wealth of ideas / resources that you can access to support learning at home, we understand the amount of resources can be overwhelming - please just choose what inspires you and your child.


We recognise that giving children structure to their day and a sense of purpose supports their emotional health and well being as well as their wider education.  Finding a new normal in these changing times is always going to be a challenge, we suggest you divide your day up to suit your household - create a timetable to suit your family's needs.


Overall School: 96.6%

Short Wood Primary School and NEST Nursery- Aiming high, growing dreams. School is re open for pupils in The Nursery Nest, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, as well as pupils of our key workers and other identified children. If you would like your child to return please call the school office so we can book them into a bubble. Our NEST Nursery still has 30 hour funded places for September 2020. For more information or to reserve a place please contact the school office.