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"The curriculum is highly effective in broadening pupils’ learning experiences and giving them many opportunities to learn in a range of different settings and subjects."

Ofsted, 2019

Our Curriculum

Our dedicated team provide a well balanced, broadly based curriculum that follows the guidance of the National Curriculum while striving to deliver a creative, exciting learning experience. Our approved schemes of work accommodate all learning styles and careful planning ensures the learning needs of all children are respected and catered for.


We place children at the centre of our learning community and help them develop the skills, knowledge and values they need to become 21st Century global citizens. We encourage all of our children to have aspirations and help them achieve their full potential by making learning irresistible.


Our Foundation Stage Unit is made up of a Nursery class and three Reception classes; pupils with statements of special educational need will receive some individual or small group teaching on a daily basis. Many other children will receive small group support and additional members of staff are attached to the school to support children for whom English is an additional language.


We also recognise that some children are gifted and talented and we offer such pupils additional challenging opportunities, both in and out of school.


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams