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Brighter Minds

Developing our creative curriculum offer is an ongoing process in school. We are very fortunate to have staff with varying interests and the enthusiasm to explore different ways of engaging and inspiring our pupils. Our priority is ensuring the emotional health and well being of our pupils is nurtured.



I am pretty like a princess,

I am busy like a bee,

I am proud because I am me.


We are all different

But that is OK.

What matters is the nice things we say.


I like to write.

I like Maths too.

But what's most important are the things we do.


- Amna, Class 12

A Short Woody view of the world - making a positive difference

After attending a lecture organised by the Wrekin Fine Arts Society, our Year 6 pupils were inspired to create their own mosaics with a message attached.  The creative work that followed reflects how thoughtful  and caring our Year 6 pupils are.

Positive minds brighter futures. What is it all about?

Calm Brain


Every day in every class we are practising 'Calm Brain'.  'Calm Brain' is about taking time to focus and develop the ability to regulate our feelings and emotional state. Movements set to music are practised and the results are powerful. Pupils are showing a more settled and focused manner towards their learning and many report 'just feeling calm'. We are working with Dr Sarah Taylor, a Clinical Psychologist, to embed this whole school approach with the aim of equipping all Short Woodies with valuable skills to find their own calm state that they can develop to support all aspects of their life.


Pupils are also able to talk about the impact of 'Calm Brain' routines, stating that it helps them to relax and have clear minds that are ready to learn. 


Overall School: 93.4%