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Jubilee Celebrations

Our Jubilee celebrations provided the perfect opportunity to bring the community together to celebrate and open our new outdoor learning centre. We were blessed with great weather and as part of the event children and their parents threw seed bombs, making a personal contribution to our bio-diverse green roof.

Our Forest School

We have a wonderful outdoor learning forest school base that provides excellent opportunities for all of our children to engage with the healthy and educational benefits of learning outside. This short film shows how we created our forest school environment with sculptures, teepees a fire pit, story telling and shelter building areas. It was real team effort with children and adults pulling together to produce fantastic results and we planted our own forest of 45 trees too!

Eco-build Construction

Our new outdoor learning centre, designed and hand built by Universal Learning, was constructed from sustainable materials and we produced a AAA rated building with a very low carbon foot print.

This short film shows the construction process and we are absolutely delighted with our new building that provides our whole learning community with a wonderful and inspirational learning environment.

The Majestic Oak

Fitting oak doors on a new outdoor learning centre (we are building) provided a special moment to admire a wonderful majestic oak tree. The winter sunshine bathed the tree in a golden light and we just had to take some time to enjoy a gift from nature.

This short film and poem was inspired by our encounter with a wonder of the natural world and our meeting with a truly remarkable tree.
The Majestic Oak
The wise Majestic Oak standing tall
Seeing, listening, inspiring, inviting us to see
The simple, unquestionable truth.

Does she possess everything?
Everything we need to understand
The world around us, who we are, who we can become?

Her roots, bark and branches are
The skills, knowledge and values we
Aspire to acquire, to live in harmony with.

The wise Majestic Oak standing tall,
Never judging, never demanding, never questioning
Just being, the simple unquestionable truth.

Outdoor Learning Centre

The forest school has finally become home to a beautiful, eco-friendly classroom. With a bio-diverse roof and a natural wooden exterior, this sustainable building will be an excellent base for outdoor learning and forest school activities.

Outdoor learning is a proven way to enrich, inspire and enhance the curriculum. Children love to be outside and the natural world is full of wonderful learning opportunities. The space features an 80m2 learning space and a 32m2 meeting / small group room. It is fully equipped with 21st Century technology including wireless internet covering the building and the entire forest school area.

World War 2 Day

Year 4 pupils got a unique insight into the evacuation experiences of children and their families during World War II.

During a day trip to Bewdley Museum in Worcestershire, pupils had the opportunity to discover and explore life on the Home Front with the use of original and replica artefacts. This was followed by an experience of the Blitz within the museum’s very own air raid shelter.

The day culminated with all the pupils marching across Bewdley bridge and participating in a real life 'evacuation' upon a steam train at the Severn Valley Railway. Pupils stopped for some lunch at the picturesque village of Highly and there was even time to play some children's WWII games before heading home.

Memories of Arleston

In 2012 pupils were involved in a community project that enabled them to work with older people living in Arleston and help them reflect on their memories of living and growing up in our local community.

This inter-generational project brought together different generations and helped young people develop journalistic and film making skills and prepare questions that would provoke discussion about what life in Arleston was like in times gone past and how it compares and contrasts to how things are now.

This short inspirational film shares lovely and fascinating memories and shines a light on how children and older people can work together and develop their shared understanding of each other.


Overall School: 93.3%