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Nursery - 30 hour and 15 hour (AM or PM at The Nest)

At Short Wood Primary School we offer two Nursery settings, 15-hour Monday-Friday AM (8:45-11:45) or PM (12:15-3:15) Nursery in The Nest building, or 30-hour funded nursery Monday-Friday (9am-3pm) in the main building. Our Nursery is term-time only and children can be enrolled from the term after they are 3 years old.


***Places are available for January and September 2024***

To register for a place, or for more information, please contact the school office. 



Request a Place at Our Nursery


Children can start in our Nursery the term after they are 3 years old. Please provide us with the following information in our contact form below:

Child's name: _________
Child's date of birth: __/__/__
Parents names: _________
Address: _________
Parents email addresses: _________
Parents phone number: _________
Siblings in school: _________
Any other information that you deem relevant: _________
Nursery hours you are entitled to: 15 hours OR 30 hours - if you are unsure if you are entitled to 30 hours, please visit the link below.


We will respond to you via email to confirm we have added you to our waiting list.

Request a Place on Our Nursery Waiting List


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