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Events and Special Days

Congratulations Short Woodies!!

Our engineering family day was such a lovely day to experience.  Mrs Jones has to take credit for the planning of the day, but the staff and the visiting contributors really made sure the day was a success.  It was so great to see everyone enjoying picnics and the events on offer.  We always love to see different generations of Short Woodies coming together to make special memories.




Aerodynamics Engineering STEM day


Year 5 had another exciting STEM day on Tuesday 29th January where Mrs Mee introduced the children to the topic - Aerodynamics. Their challenge was to design and make a glider to drop off provisions to stranded soldiers in WW2. Mrs Mee talked to the children about what would affect the flight of the glider, eg. forces acting upon it, aerodynamics and wingspan.


After an exciting morning, the children launched their gliders in a competition. The winning gliders were the 'Skyentists' and 'RAF Team'.


In class, the children will now investigate how wingspan and nose-shape of the glider will affect its flight.


Take a look at some of the pictures from our day...

Planting Trees for the Queen

This Autumn term, we were fortunate to receive trees from the Woodland Trust. The Queen's Canopy project aims to get as many trees planted as possible, across the Commonwealth. The Eco Warriors did a fantastic job of planting the six precious trees we were sent.


The Power in all of us!


The whole school came together today to celebrate being a Short Woody.  Every child and adult member of the Short Wood team have written their name on a leaf and added it to the Short Wood tree. This is an opportunity to reflect on our home school agreements and to think about all the positive things being a Short Woody means to us. Click on the link below to share 'The Power in Me' song, the lyrics of this song sum up how empowered we want every member of our team, children and adults, to be.


The Power in Me

STEM Workshops


Year 5 have enjoyed workshops over the last couple of days exploring science, technology, engineering and maths activities.  Pupils have demonstrated their excellent team work, investigative and problem solving skills.

Thank you for supporting Zac

The Great Short Wood Bubbleathon


"Today was born to be a Bubbleathon" said Takhib in Year 5 as he and his Short Woody friends all joined together in an afternoon of fun, laughter, smiles and pure enjoyment.  The whole school gathered on the field this afternoon to raise money for The Harry Johnson Trust ahead of Harry's Day on June 15th 2018. Thanks to everyone who donated to share in the bubble fun, as Mohsin said "It was raining bubbles  it was amazing."  Harry's Mum and Dad want Harry's Day to be full of fun and smiles and today certainly achieved that aim - it was a moment of sheer delight where nothing else but the bubbles mattered, not only was it supporting a great cause it was supporting all Short Woodies to just be in the moment.


We are going to be able to make a donation of just over £800.00 to The Harry Johnson Trust - a really big thank you to everyone who donated and to everyone who made the day a success.



Overall School: 93.2%