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"The governors make excellent use of their skills and knowledge to support and challenge the school’s leaders."

Ofsted, 2015.

Our Governing Body


Mr R Snell
Areas of Responsibility: Chair, Maths, CIC/Safeguarding & H/T Performance Management
Category: Foundation
Appointed By: Local Authority
Term and length of office: 4 years; appointed 31-08-2020


"I have been a Governor of the school since its inception. I was previously, for many years, the Chairman of Ercall Junior School and when it amalgamated with Barn Farm Infants to form Short Wood I became Vice Chairman and subsequently, in 2012, Chair of Governors.


The Head, Senior Management Team and all the staff continually work hard to improve the school for all pupils. I also continue to be impressed by the work of all the governors who are helping the Head and staff to drive up the standards and performance of the school. They freely give of their time for that aim. The commitment and effort made by many of them is humbling. They are determined that the school will succeed.


 I want to help Short Wood to continue to make a difference to the local community and ensure that all pupils receive an excellent foundation for learning and life.  I believe the school does provide opportunities for all to excel and provides an inclusive setting for all its pupils.


If you wish, you can contact me via the school office."


Mr R Corbett
Areas of Responsibility: Vice Chair, PSHE, Pupil Premium, Vulnerable Learners
Category: Local Authority
Appointed By: Local Authority
Term and length of office: 4 years; appointed 31-08-2020

“I have lived in Wellington all my life and both of my children have attended Short Wood. Following my term as a Parent Governor I was asked by the Local Authority to be their representative on the Governing Body and I have accepted this new challenge with enthusiasm and pride. I run a training and management company with experience of performance management, monitoring, evaluating and adopting data driven targets. As Vice Chair of the Governing Body I take a particular responsibility for vulnerable learners. I meet regularly with Senior Leaders and Middle leaders to ensure staff are supported and empowered to meet the challenging targets which result in improved outcomes for all pupils.”


Mrs S Harris
Areas of Responsibility: Head Teacher
Category: Head Teacher
Appointed By: Governing Body
Term and length of office: Ongoing


"I am very proud to be the Head Teacher of Short Wood Primary and a member of the Governing Body.  We work hard together as a team to provide the best possible opportunities for all the pupils to allow them to reach their potential and use all of their talents."


Miss J Charman
Areas of Responsibility: TBC
Category: Staff
Appointed By: Elected
Term and length of office: 4 years; September 2020



"I have been a class teacher at Short Wood for 7 years.  I have always enjoyed working here and feel that it is a place where children are given lots of opportunities to enjoy their learning and make wonderful memories. I am passionate about being involved in the discussions about how to further support children.  As a full-time teaching member of staff I am able to provide some insight into daily school life.   


My own personal interests include Outdoor pursuits, this is something that like to include as often as possible in my teaching.  I recognise the value of the risk and challenges faced during outdoor activities as well as the well-being aspect of spending time in the fresh air."


Mr M Chandler
Areas of Responsibility: Science
Category: Co-opted
Appointed By: Governing Body
Term and length of office: 4 years; appointed 31-08-2020

“I have been a Governor for over 20 years, first at Ercall Junior and then at Short Wood. I have a special interest in Art and Science. I use my experience running an education suppliers to support the school in the areas of finance and marketing, as well as supporting with a variety of Personnel related issues.”


Mr S Jarvis
Areas of Responsibility: ICT, PE, H/T Performance Management
Category: Co-opted
Appointed By: Governing Body
Term and length of office: 4 years; appointed 01-01-2018


"I joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor, when my 2 youngest children were pupils at the school. I was very pleased to be asked to remain as a Co-opted Governor at the end of 2016.

I live locally and have supported Short Wood Primary School in the capacity as their independent IT Consultant. I work closely with the School leadership team to get the best out of IT, overseeing the implementation of new systems and software, the procurement of all the interactive boards in each classroom, to all the iPads and laptops used throughout the school, and with the Deputy Head Teacher on the selection process, procurement, design and implementation of Short Wood Primary School’s new Website.


I have worked closely with other School Governors and the School Management Team on Short Wood’s restructuring programme and performance Management. I also play an active part (and take a real interest) in Short Wood’s school improvement plan, where IT forms a big part of the curriculum and the pupil educational experience. I am proud to be a school Governor and to be part of a great leadership team at Short Wood Primary School. "


Miss M Jones
Areas of Responsibility: CIC/Safeguarding
Category: Co-opted
Appointed By: Governing Body
Term and length of office: 4 years; appointed 31-08-2020


I have been a School Governor for approximately 14 years, initially at Ercall Junior, through the amalgamation with Barn Farm and ongoing with Short Wood Primary School.   My area of responsibility as a Governor is for Safeguarding and Children in Care.  


"I started out as a volunteer and I am now one of the school administrators at Short Wood. I feel that my own personal background helps in my work and that parents/carers find me approachable and understanding.

Having been born in Wellington and always living within the local area, I believe I am able to have a ‘voice’ for the school community.  Both of my children have been educated in these 3 schools and although now grown up they still have fond memories of their time in them.

We are proud to be ‘Short Woodies’."


Mrs C Marsh
Areas of Responsibility: Early years
Category: Co-opted
Appointed By: Governing Body
Term and length of office: 4 Years; appointed 09-10-2018

“I was pleased to become a Governor at Short Wood Primary School because, through my previous work with Telford Local Authority, I was aware of the good reputation the school has with regard to meeting the needs of their pupils.

I have lived and worked in Telford for many years, first as a Primary Head Teacher and more recently as the lead officer for Early Years, Children Centres and Children and Family Locality based services in the Local Authority. I have now retired and am enjoying spending more time with my young grandchildren and felt that I would also like to support a local school as a governor.

I have a special interest in the Foundation Stage provision within the school and want to ensure that I provide governor support to the children, staff and parents using the skills and knowledge that I have gained throughout my career. As a School Improvement Partner I provided support and challenge to both school managers and governors to ensure that their performance management and vision for their school was robust and ambitious. Short Wood is a forward looking school with high expectations for all the children and a caring approach to supporting them in the context of their families and local community and I am proud to be a school governor.”


Mrs F Holdsworth

Appointed by: Governing Body

Term and length of office: 4 years; appointed 20-11-2019


“I have recently joined the Governors at Short Wood Primary and have a child in key stage 1 at the school, and a child due to start in Reception this September.


In becoming a parent governor I hope to be able to support the school and staff now, and in the future. I have a particular interest in internal and external communications and currently work part time for a heritage and nature conservation charity focusing on marketing and communications.“  July 2020

Ms Helen Donoghue

Areas of Responsibility: Literacy, Safeguarding, SEND
Category: Co-opted
Appointed By: Governing Body
Term and length of office: 4 years; appointed 05-12-2019


“I am a retired secondary English teacher with over 30 years experience in teaching in the state sector, most recently in Wolverhampton. On retiring in 2017, i wanted to maintain links with education and particularly literacy so became a volunteer reading helper through the charity Beanstalk and was sent to Short Wood School. I have enjoyed this role in Year 5 and believe that Short Wood is an innovative and inclusive school which strives to improve the life chances of its children. Living across the road, I know what long days the staff experience, testament to that dedication. The opportunity to be a governor will allow me to support and encourage the excellent staff and Headteacher in their efforts to develop skills and a safe and happy environment for the children."


Parent Governor Vacancy

To be elected in Autumn term 2021.


Overall School: 96.6%

Aiming High; Growing Dreams