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School Council

"Pupils have good opportunities to take responsibility, such as on the school council."

- Ofsted 2015

School Council

2023 - 24

These are the School Council members for 2023 - 24:

Class 1 - Emmerson

Class 2 - Elin

Class 3 - Ezra

Class 4 - Ella

Class 5 - Evie

Class 6 - Ivar

Class 7- Ayaan

Class 8 -Talia

Class 9 - Zirwa

Class 10 - Miya

Class 11 - Amelia

Class 12 - Abigail

Class 13 - Maqbool

Class 14 - Zoe

Class 15 - Alishba

Class 16 - Lyla

Class 17 - Harry

Class 18 - Zainab

Class 19 - Mahni

December - 2023

The School Council have again been helping the school kitchen to create our new menu. They spoke to their classes to find out what the children would like to keep on the menu and what they would like to change. This information was all given to the catering team and the new menus will start in April.

October - 2023

The School Council have been busy looking at and reviewing the information that we give to visitors when they come into school. The Council thought about the information that they would like visitors to know.

Educational Welfare Officer - 26th January 2023

The school council met today with Jo, our EWO to talk about attendance and why children do and don't want to come to school. They are now going to speak to their classes to find our their views.

School Council Meeting - School Menus - 18th January 2023

Every year the School Council helps Val in the kitchen to plan the new school menus. We met to talk about it and the council went back to their classes to find out what the children would like to change on the menu.

School Council Meeting to plan Anti-Bullying Week - 3rd November 2022

The School Council met to decide how we could deliver the important messages of anti-bullying week this year. The council decided that the Odd Socks Day should be an Odd Socks Week from 14th- 18th November. They will also hold a special assembly on 15th November for Reception, KS1 and KS2. They had the idea of every child in school to make a badge to think about what anti-bullying week means as well as putting together a leaflet for parents.

School Council meeting to meet Mrs Marsh - Chair of Governors - 12th October 2022

Mrs Marsh came into school to meet the School Council and to explain her role and the role of the other Governors. The council asked lots of questions and shared their ideas about how lunchtimes could be better. Mrs Marsh was going to take their ideas back to the other Governors.


School Council Meeting - 29th September 2022

The School Council had it's first meeting today. We talked about our role and how we can help the school to get even better. The council members shared lots of ideas about playtimes and lunchtimes. They were given special notebooks so that they can record their ideas and the opinions of their friends in class.

School Council 2021 - 22

Meeting - 10th March 2022

All of the School Council members from KS1 and 2 had spoken to their classes and came to the meeting with lots of ideas, As well as different sorts of sports equipment, the children had thought of lots of other resources that they felt would make their playtimes more fun. These included large and small construction skills, art resources and a stage. Mrs Kennedy will now talk to Mrs Harris about these ideas.

Meeting - 4th March 2022

The School Council members from KS1 and KS2 were present at this meeting. The KS1 children shared some of their thoughts about the changes that have been made to the KS1 lunchtimes. They are going to go back to classes and collect the thoughts of their friends. The KS2 children had a chat about how they would like to improve their lunchtimes. They will now go back to their classes and report back at our next meeting.

Special Meeting - 26th January 2022

Today Nadia and Paige represented the School Council in a meeting with Val, the school cook and Mrs Harris to share our ideas about the menu. Val is now going to put them into the new menu which will start in April. We are also going to contact Mike from Telford and Wrekin about using our own produce in our school lunches as well as involving our community in future menus. We have lots of exciting things to think about!

Meeting - 21st January 2022

Every year the School Council have the important job of helping the kitchen to design our new menu. The members had already spoken to their classes and came to the meeting with their ideas. We talked about what we already like about the current menu and what we would like to keep as well as new foods that we would like to introduce. Representatives from the school council will now meet with Val and Mike to talk about their ideas.  Watch this space for more delicious details...

26th November 2021 - Meeting

The new School Council met for the first time today. We started by drawing our portraits for the web site.

We talked about the new school menu and how the Council need to ask their classes what sort of meals they would like to see on the new menu. We also looked at the Pupil Survey and the Council found out how to help their classes to complete it.

Finlay told us that we would like us to plant some more flowers in school that would attract butterflies and the Council agreed to go away and find out the sort of things we need to plant.


Overall School: 93.4%