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School Council

They [pupils] have good opportunities to take responsibility, such as on the school council.
Ofsted 2015

Welcome to our School Council page.  This is where we will keep you up to date about our meetings and the things we do across school.

Spring term;


So far this term our school council have:

  • decided where to locate the reminders about positive behaviours around school - they then communicated this to the site team who put the signs up on display
  • met and discussed what would make a good play leader - this was followed up by Years 5 and 6 applying for the role.  They were selected and a timetable has been put together.  Ethan is the team leader.
  • reviewed the success and impact of calm brain and the creative curriculum.  The council members fed back about the positive and tricky parts of calm brain.  They were also enthusiastic about the experiences the curriculum offers them.

Wednesday 7th November


Today the school council welcomed Mrs Lowndes and Mrs Duce to their meeting as the main focus of the meeting was how to promote positive playtimes. After reviewing what is in the school behaviour policy the council members have come up with some statements they think would be good to be displayed as rules and reminders.  These will now be discussed back in classes to ensure everyone understands them.


  • Be where grown ups can see you
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Be honest
  • Respect the equipment
  • Kindness is important
  • Play sensibly - play safely
  • Be aware of everyone on the playground
  • Respect each other - children and adults


The children were also asked to:

  • Choose a game the class would like for the wet break cupboard from the PTA
  • Talk to adults at home about the kinds of games they used to play as children for ideas for our playground


Finally the council are going to reintroduce the role of Playground leader / mentors.  The council captains are going to create adverts so interested Year 5 and 6 pupils can apply, training will be provided.  There will then be a rota system in place.


Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 21st November at 10am.

Tuesday 16th October (Rearranged from 27th September)


  • School council Captains
  • Representing school at Remembrance parade
  • Ideas for future meetings


Many of the school council members chose to stand for School Council Captain - members confidently talked about why they would fit the role well.  A vote was then held in secret - the results will be announced in Golden Leaf assembly on Friday.


It was agreed members would take a letter home about taking part in the Remembrance Parade in Wellington this year to see who could attend.


A number of ideas were forthcoming about themes for future meetings it was agreed that the following would be discussed:

  • How expectations and rules are displayed on the playground and in the dinner hall
  • Introducing play leaders/brighter minds mentors
  • Review of Anti bullying  and behaviour policies

Next meeting: Wednesday 24th October 1pm School Hall




Thursday 20th September 2018


Today was the first meeting for the School council this year.  We introduced ourselves to each other before discussing the role of the school council in school. 


For the next meeting we are going to have:

  • discussed ideas with our class
  • created a self portrait to go on this page
  • prepared a speech if we want to be considered for school council captain


At the end of the meeting some of our older members paired up with younger members to support them in their new roles.


Our next meeting will be on Thursday 27th September at 10am in the School Library.


Overall School: 96.6% - Every day counts!

Short Wood Primary School - Aiming high, growing dreams.