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School Council

"Pupils have good opportunities to take responsibility, such as on the school council"

- Ofsted 2015

Come and meet the Short Wood School Council for 2021-22

All of the children have voted and these are the Council members for each class this year.

Our School Council self portraits

26th November 2021- Meeting

The new School Council met for the first time today. We started by drawing our portraits for the web site.

We talked about the new school menu and how the Council need to ask their classes what sort of meals they would like to see on the new menu. We also looked at the Pupil Survey and the Council found out how to help their classes to complete it.

Finlay told us that we would like us to plant some more flowers in school that would attract butterflies and the Council agreed to go away and find out the sort of things we need to plant.


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High; Growing Dreams