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School Council

"Pupils have good opportunities to take responsibility, such as on the school council"

- Ofsted 2015

Spring Term 2020


This term the School Council have been working alongside the catering team from Telford and Wrekin Council to design the new school lunch menu. They have spoken to the children in their classes to find out what meals they would like to include. They have also found out about the nutritional regulations that the kitchen have to follow when preparing and cooking the meals.


The Council were really pleased to see their ideas and designs in the finished menu which will run until April 2021. They also had a chance to taste test some of the new fruity muffins!

Look out for the new menu coming soon! 



Wednesday 7th November 2019


Meeting Agenda:

  • Welcome Mrs Lowndes and Mrs Duce to their meeting.
  • Improvement of Play Times.


After reviewing the 'School Behaviour Policy', the council members have come up with some statements they think would be beneficial to display around the school to ensure all pupils understand them:


  • Be where grown ups can see you
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Be honest
  • Respect the equipment
  • Kindness is important
  • Play sensibly - play safely
  • Be aware of everyone on the playground
  • Respect each other - children and adults


The children were asked to choose a game the class would like for the wet break cupboard as a gift from the PTA.They also were given a mission to go home and talk to adults about the games they used to play on the playground for fresh new ideas for the Short Wood playground. 


It was agreed that the council would reintroduce the role of a newly trained 'Playground Leader' to operate on rota system. Council captains are going to create adverts for Year 5 and 6 pupils to apply for the role. The results were in and 'Ethan' was elected Play Leader.


The School Council reviewed the creative curriculum, with particular reference to the impact of the 'Calm Brain' initiative throughout school. Feelings were strong and enthusiastic for this part of the curriculum. 



Tuesday 16th October 2019


Meeting Agenda:

  • School Council Captains
  • Representing Short Wood at The Remembrance Parade.
  • Ideas for Future Meetings


Many members of the school council decided to stand for captain. Each candidate spoke about why they would fit the role well. A vote was held and results were announced in our 'Golden Leaf' assembly.


It was agreed members would take a letter home about taking part in the Remembrance Parade in Wellington this year to see who could attend.


A number of ideas were forthcoming for future meetings; How expectations and rules are displayed on the playground and in the dinner hall, Introducing play leaders and brighter minds mentors and a review of student anti-bullying and behaviour policies in school.




Thursday 20th September 2019


Meeting Agenda:

  • Introductions
  • Discuss what the role of a School Councillor means 


Today the school council introduced themselves to one another. They also discussed what the role of a school councillor means and how important it is. We agreed member of the school council would discuss this with their classes and create a self-portrait to go on the school council board. School councillors were also asked to prepare a speech if they wanted to be considered for 'School Council Captain'.


At the end of the meeting some of our older members paired up with younger members to support them in their new roles.


Overall School: 96.6%

Aiming High; Growing Dreams