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Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs

At Short Wood Primary School, we believe every child has unique needs and that our entire school is enriched because of this. We aim to enable all children to achieve their potential and plan very carefully to support and challenge them to do so.

We realise that not all pupils with disabilities have special educational needs and not all pupils with Special Educational Needs meet the definition of disability, but this offer covers all of these pupils.




The school's Delegated SEND Funding ensures appropriate provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs. We aim to support pupils through early intervention.

Funding is used to facilitate a wide range of strategies:

  • quality first teaching
  • whole school inclusive practice
  • SENCO role and the wider Inclusion team
  • parent liaison
  • liaison with external agencies including additional Educational Psychology and Speech Therapy provision
  • bringing in additional expertise e.g. Educational Psychologist/Behaviour Support. 
  • providing resources to support differentiation including ICT
  • time to support staff in developing Provision Maps
  • staff training


Sometimes an application is made for ‘Top-Up funding’ from the Local Authority.



Overall School: 93.2%