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"Morale is high. All members of staff who responded to the inspection questionnaire said that they are proud to work at the school and all agreed that the school is well led and managed."


Ofsted, 2019

Senior Leaders

Mrs Gail Butele - Head Teacher/Designated Safeguard Lead
Dr Laura Saunders - Deputy Head/
Designated Safeguard Lead

Mrs Hazel Waterhouse - Assistant Head/SENCO/Designated Safeguard Lead

Mrs Rebecca Kennedy - Assistant Head/KS1 Co-ordinator/Reading Co-ordinator/Designated Safeguard Lead


Teaching Staff

Mr Ryan Adams - Designated Online Safety Lead

Mr Richard Butler - Sports Coach

Mrs Jane Doult - Early Years Co-ordinator

Mr Matthew Hill-Shaw -  Maths Co-ordinator

Mrs Diane Lowndes - Science Co-ordinator

Miss Tracey Smallman - Literacy Co-ordinator

Miss Nicki Gamble

Mrs Tabbasam Gull

Mrs Kirsty Anderson

Mrs Lesley Bridger

Miss Jane Charman

Mrs Claire Collingwood - ALT

Mrs Charlotte Edge (Maternity leave)

Mrs Rachel Fairgrieve

Mr Steve Faulkner

Mrs Elinor Jones

Mrs Julie Jones - ALT

Mrs Rachael Kirby-Murray

Miss Anna Lewis

Mrs Emma Loakes

Mrs Gina Powis (Maternity leave)

Mrs Catherine Roberts

Miss Emily Matthews

Miss Lucy Taylor

Mrs Emma Weston

Mr William Brench

Miss Claire Gough

Miss Georgia Hinton

Ms Katie Wilkinson

Mrs Laura Taplin

Mrs Pauline Yates-Ward - ALT


Support Staff

Mrs Jane Griffiths - Inclusion Manager/Designated Safeguard Lead

Mrs Valerie Pryce - Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs Louise Revitt-Szydlowska - Learning Mentor

Ms Jo Antenbring -  Education Welfare Officer

Miss Gemma Scott - Learning Mentor

Mrs Rafina Ahmed
Miss Nasreen Begum
Mrs Danielle Beevers

Mrs Sharon Byrne
Mrs Rebecca Cosh

Mrs Marie Duce
Mrs Amanda Edwards
Mrs Jo Frost
Mrs Martyna Gruszczynska

Miss Kerryanne Jeffries
Ms Kim Link
Mrs Dawn Llewellyn
Mrs Heather Preston

Mrs Amy Taylor
Mrs Assia Usman

Miss Katy Martin

Mrs Hamdiya Murtala

Mrs Shyla Malapaya
Miss Sharon Turner

Mrs Samena Shah

Ms Helen Jones 



Mrs Sue Jarvis - School Business Manager
Miss Melanie Jones - School Administrator/Attendance Clerk

Miss Tegan Harper - School Administrator

Mrs Sharmin Islam - Admin Assistant/Receptionist

Mrs Maria Evans - Admin Assistant/ Receptionist - Nest Nursery


Site Team

Mr Peter Saunders - Site Manager
Mr Colin Newport - Caretaker
Mr Chris Glover - Caretaker
Mr Malcolm Green - Groundsman

Ms Vicky Leitch - General Assistant

Ms Lyndsey Hall - General Assistant


Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss Melanie Jones - Principle Supervisor 

Miss Nasreen Begum

Mrs Laura Curzon

Mrs Joyce Crooke

Mrs Martyna Gruszczynska

Miss Kerryanne Jefferies

Mrs Amy Taylor

Mrs Samena Shah

Miss Vicky Leitch

Mrs Karen Dallow

Miss Lyndsey Hall

Mrs Ruwanthi De Silva

Miss Kay Headley

Mrs Hamdiya Murtala

Mrs Shyla Malapaya

Mrs Tasleem Zubair



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams