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Where children have additional needs they will be supported in accessing the full curriculum through specialist equipment and/or human resources.

The curriculum is planned to be multi-sensory in order to support children’s differing learning styles.

In order to meet the learning needs of all pupils, teachers differentiate teaching and learning and the activities they provide on a daily basis. Teachers work to meet individual learning needs, where pupils are identified as having special educational needs, the school provides for these additional needs in a variety of ways. The provision for pupils is related specifically to their needs. All classes have a Provision Maps which outlines differing levels of provision and strategies to ensure children progress.

This document lists the possible interventions against individual (or group) pupil needs. The range of provision includes:

  • in class support for small groups with a Teaching Assistant (TA)

  • small group or 1-1 work with a TA/Teacher

  • individual class support / individual withdrawal

  • differentiation of resources

  • Specialised resources

  • Learning mentor support / Pastoral support


Overall School: 95%