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This week at Short Wood

Staff and pupils have been busy again this week, as well as the hard work in class we have been out and about learning beyond the classroom. 


We completed our visits to local Mosques this week.  We are grateful to both mosques for their hospitality over the last couple of weeks.


Pupils in KS1 and Year 3 have been adventuring with Arthog again.  It is amazing to see children overcome their fears when caving and climbing and hear about how great they feel about their personal achievements.  We have also had some beautiful feedback from a local walking group who were on the Wrekin this week as our Year 1 pupils resiliently found their way.  We had a call and an email from the group members to comment on their manners they  "were beautifully behaved, responsive to their teachers and courteous to the people they met." We are very proud of our pupils showing their Short Woodiness while out and about. 


We are organising a family Autumn Walk on Saturday 13th October, this will be supported as always by the Arthog team.  We will leave the Sports Hall site at around 11am.  Bring along a picnic and join other Short Wood families to explore the Limekiln Woods.


Our Early Years pupils have been busy harvesting the apples over the last couple of weeks getting busy making their own apple crumbles. Take a look at the Early Years page of this site to see more on this. Their learning is being celebrated as part of the flower festival at Christ Church.  If you have chance, please pop along with family and friends to this community event this weekend.  We will be taking our Reception classes to visit next week to show them how proud we are of them.  Mrs Harris and Mr Will have also created beautiful displays for the festival.


Last weekend Dylan from Class 11 was invited to Wedgewood in Stoke along with his family, and Mrs Harris,  to receive his prize for the West Midlands Arts Society Golden Jubilee design a plate competition, a competition we were invited to enter through our links with The Wrekin Fine Arts Society.  Dylan received his own plate, with his own design - a truly unique one off piece of work.  He then got to throw a pot and enjoy a fun filled day. 


It was great to see such a great turn out for Parents evening this week.  Teachers enjoyed hearing about the strengths and talents from parents, and were pleased to share their own expectations. We look forward to working together over the coming months.  Thank you to parents who fed back about the new format, we had many positive responses.


School council attempted to meet this week, our meeting was interrupted by an impromptu fire alarm.  All pupils, staff and visitors reacted calmly and patiently, following the evacuation procedures brilliantly, as the fire service checked out what was a false alarm. We will rearrange the meeting for next week. 


Short Woodies have been learning about the importance of helping others today and how we achieve more by doing things together, we have held a Macmillan Coffee morning and wore red for Zac, a local boy in need of life saving treatment abroad.  Children were keen to be involved in both events.  Left over cakes from the morning will be on sale after school today.  We will let you know next week how much we raise.


Congratulations to all of our Golden Leaf winners this week, they are fantastic ambassadors for our school, we are proud of them and they really look forward to going home wearing their leaves to share their achievements with family and friends.


Have a great weekend.




Overall School: 93.4%