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The Nursery Nest - 30 Hour provision

We are delighted to announce that on January 3rd 2018 we are opening a new 30 hour nursery provision.  The 'Nursery Nest' will be located on our Sports Hall site, opposite the main school building.  Initially provision will be 9am to 3pm, term time only.  Should there be a demand for longer hours and holiday provision we will consider this in the near future. 


The 'Nest' will be staffed by Short Wood staff, supported by a fully qualified teacher who will be working as part of the Early Years team at the school.  We are really excited as to the potential opportunities this new provision can offer.  If you are entitled to claim the 30 hours provision please contact our school office on 01952 387360. 


To check if you are eligible for the funding visit the following websites:


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