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The Majestic Oak

Fitting oak doors on a new outdoor learning centre (we are building) provided a special moment to admire a wonderful majestic oak tree. The winter sunshine bathed the tree in a golden light and we just had to take some time to enjoy a gift from nature.


This short film and poem was inspired by our encounter with a wonder of the natural world and our meeting with a truly remarkable tree.


The Majestic Oak

The wise Majestic Oak standing tall

Seeing, listening, inspiring, inviting us to see

The simple, unquestionable truth.


Does she possess everything?

Everything we need to understand

The world around us, who we are, who we can become?


Her roots, bark and branches are

The skills, knowledge and values we

Aspire to acquire, to live in harmony with.


The wise Majestic Oak standing tall,

Never judging, never demanding, never questioning

Just being, the simple unquestionable truth.


Overall School: 93.3%