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Summer sun at last....

We have really enjoyed the blast of sunshine to end this week, we have chatted to the children in assembly today about sun safety, the need to use sun lotion and drink plenty to stay hydrated as the temperatures rise over the weekend.


We are so impressed by the efforts of the children and staff involved in The Lion King production, to see what has been achieved in just over 2 weeks is inspiring.  Letters have gone out to enable you to order tickets and we don't think you will be disappointed.  We are having our technical rehearsal after school on Tuesday and then Wednesday is show day. We appreciate your support in ensuring all the pupils can attend the out of school rehearsals and shows.  Not only have the children learnt about what it takes to perform and put on a show but they have also realised the importance of believing in themselves and trying things that may at first feel totally beyond their comfort zones.  The positive relationships and team work shown by everyone are really important life skills that we know will serve our Short Woodies well in the future.


Reception pupils Harry and Oscar picked up their Young Engineer awards.  They were 2 of the winners from 48,000 entries with their ideas of how to create a water pump to wash hands while at squirrel school and a bird feeder that uses lasers to identify how much food should be dispensed to prevent large greedy birds eating all the food.

We are really proud of them and they really enjoyed their afternoon at Coventry University with family and Short Wood staff collecting their awards.


The PTA discos were a real hit on Thursday evening, the children (and many of their outfits) sparkled, it was lovely to share their smiles and laughter and see them having so much fun.  We are really grateful to the group of PTA members who volunteer their time to arrange and support these events.  They are currently planning the Prom for our Year 6 pupils, they welcome new faces so please contact Marie Duce at school if you feel you can offer some help.


The last few weeks of term are really busy, next Thursday we will be welcoming the pupils who will be starting in Reception in September.  They will get a chance to visit their new classrooms and meet some of the members of staff they will be working with.  The following week as our Year 6 pupils visit their new schools we will be introducing our remaining Short Woodies to their class teachers for next year.  Whilst this is an exciting time we are aware that it can feel tricky for some, please do come and talk to us if you have any concerns. 


Next week Snapchat theatre are in with their production which teaches the children about internet safety.  This is aimed at Year 5 and 6 pupils to compliment the work we do in school.  With the summer holidays ahead we want our pupils to be really aware of how to keep themselves safe and how to seek support if they are worried in any way. 


Our Golden leaf winners have shown a range of talents and skills this week and demonstrated true Short Woody traits such as determination and resilience, whether it is writing the most amazing story, solving a tricky puzzle of adventuring in a cave.  Well done to all of you - we are really proud of you.







Overall School: 95%