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School OPEN on Wednesday 13th December

We intend to reopen on Wednesday 13th December as weather forecasts are improving. If conditions significantly worsen overnight we will reassess in the morning. Whilst the forecast is better and main routes have been treated side routes may still be a challenge so please allow extra time for your journey to school tomorrow and be patient with each other. The site team have worked hard to clear the site but clearly conditions remain tricky.


Children need to be dressed appropriately for the weather, warm coats and outdoor footwear, which can be changed to indoor footwear once in school. 


The Year 5 Victorian Christmas performance tomorrow evening has been cancelled however they will still get chance to share their performance during the church visits on Thursday and Friday and as part of Golden Leaf assembly on Friday.


Christmas lunch will hopefully be on Thursday, parties will be on Thursday too but we will not be asking children to bring food. We will confirm details when we return tomorrow.  


Thank you for your patience and support, the safety of families and staff has to be a priority.


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Overall School: 95%