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Santa Claus is coming to Reception and Nursery

Santa Face Timed Short Wood Foundation Stage today! Mrs. Dewhirst’s interactive board went white and fuzzy, like snow. We thought we could see Santa coming up on the screen so we sang ‘ We wish you a merry Christmas’ and he appeared!
We had lots of questions to ask.


Lois in class 3 wanted to know: How do you make toys?
Santa said: Elves make the toys, they use spanners, hammers and screwdrivers. Batteries are very important too. When the elves have made the toys they put them in a box and send them to the next group of elves who wrap the toys, then they put them in the sleigh.
Mason found out that When Santa is in the sleigh, he sprinkles special magic dust to make it fly.
Sky in class 2 asked: what do you eat Santa?
Santa : I love Mince pies.
Alishba in class 1 wanted to know: How many Santa hats do you have?
Then Tia said: How many special suits do you have?
Santa told us: Just the one.
We were all curious: What do you wear on other days?
Santa whispered: Dungarees and snow boots so that I can go out in the snow.


The nursery children shared lots of information about Santa after they talked to him on Face time.
Lois: Santa was on our (interactive) board. He was talking to us from the North Pole. It’s really really cold there. He’s got a watch and a white beard. The watch tells him when to go and when to give presents to everyone. He is going to come and visit us.
Charlie said: he will come and meet us.
Charlie: He said ho ho ho
Cherys: He said ho ho ho. He is going to bring presents tomorrow and loads of snow so that we can build a snowman. We didn’t see his reindeer they were eating hay.


Overall School: 93.4%