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Parking improvements

You will have noticed the new markings on the car park that have been done this week.  Thank you to everyone for your cooperation in making our school safer for everyone.  We have talked to the children today about the difference it has made already.  We have remarked the disabled bays, please only use these if you have a blue badge.  The drop off zone is being used effectively at the moment, please remember that the younger children do still need an adult to accompany them into school and cannot be dropped off to come in on their own.


Mrs Butele was invited to The Netherlands this week to speak at a teacher training event to share the benefits of planning a curriculum that includes learning opportunities beyond the classroom, for example forest school and outdoor maths. She also visited a number of schools in and around Rotterdam to explore and compare our school system and the Dutch system.  We have various links with schools across Europe and enjoy the opportunities to explore different educational systems and compare them with our own approach.


Our Key Stage One pupils have had exciting trips to RAF Cosford this week.  The children have been really excited about the opportunity to explore the aircraft on display and take part in various workshops to support their Up Up and Away topic.


Year 5 pupils have been code breaking today outdoors, using their book 'Letters from the Lighthouse' they have been developing their understanding of the World War 2 topic.  The children have loved the experience of working in this way.  Year 6 pupils are returning to school this evening for a film night, the children are really looking forward to this event.


As a school we are receiving regular updates regarding the evolving situation with the Coronavirus.  We are talking to the children about the importance of good personal hygiene - the following link has some useful guidance.

We will of course keep you fully informed of any further developments we are made aware.


Congratulations to our Golden Leaf winners this week.  We have been talking to the children about kindness this week and many of the golden leaves highlighted this quality.


Have a great weekend.



Overall School: 93.2%