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NSPCC Number Day

Today was a day with a difference, across school children celebrated all things Maths.  We had some amazing costumes - from calculators to Maths wizards, Rockstars to crocodiles......It was great fun to see everyone's smiles and we have raised some money for the NSPCC along the way, thank you to everyone who made a donation to such a worthwhile cause.


During half term we are expecting some changes to the road markings outside of school. This is in response to safety concerns raised by many members of our school community.  There will be additional yellow lines preventing parking on Limekiln Lane, we are expecting these to extend out around the corner onto Holyhead Road.  We are also creating a drop off only zone outside Nursery so cars will no long be able to park along the edge of the carpark.  This should enable the use of the actual designated parking spaces which are often blocked and reduce the emissions from car engines which we are finding are seeping into school. We will be writing to everyone soon, these issues will only be addressed by everyone working together, being patient and considerate. The safety of everyone on site is the priority and we are grateful to everyone for working with us to resolve issues.


We have celebrated sporting success this week too. Our football team won against Woodlands Primary School.  Our TAG rugby team also won at their tournament, progressing to the next round. Well done to all who took part and thank you to the staff team who plan and participate in these events, without them our pupils would not have so many opportunities to show their skills. 


We have been reviewing our approaches to developing reading across school and to promote a love of reading for all.  Please encourage your child to share their reading wallets with you and share books at home. Reading is such an important skill that opens up a world of opportunities.  We will be sharing more of our ideas soon.


Many of our Golden Leaves this week have mentioned Maths, from fractions to recalling number facts.  They have also included comments about friendliness, kindness and positive mindsets.  Well done to all of our winners. 


Overall School: 93.4%