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Making memories

We have had some magic moments this week and have been delighted to welcome so many family and friends into school to share them with us.


We designated this week as 'Community Christmas' week in school.  This was started on Saturday evening by Rebecca and Dylan, our school council captains, reading a poem at the All Saints Carol service, which they did brilliantly.  Reception and Nursery have been performing the Christmas Story this week a little differently to how we have done it before.  Reception shared the story around the camp fire in forest school, celebrating precious moments with their families with hot chocolate and cookies as a special treat.  They have also created a heart warming film 'Is that you Santa?' which can be seen on Mrs Doult's blog on the Early Years page of the website.  Nursery then followed this by having real animals as part of their tableau on Thursday this week, there was a donkey, a turkey, a sheep, chickens and a rat.  The children were so excited to meet the animals so close up - they responded in a gentle and caring manner.  The smiles and moments of pure joy were a delight to share.


On Tuesday evening, 'Carols Around the tree' was full of Christmas magic.  The Year 5 pupils have been working closely with the team from TACT and The Schools Arts Trust to learn, rehearse and perfect a range of Christmas songs, from traditional classics to more modern choices.  We had so much positive feedback for the audience.  The quality of the performance was excellent showcasing the talents of our Short Woodies.  We are grateful to Jack Pierce form TACT who gave up his time to accompany the children on the evening and to the two Wrekin College students who came along with Jack to play the violin and cello, it all added to the atmosphere of the evening.


Our Key Stage 1 choir have been spreading their very own Christmas cheer again this week, they visited Sunnycroft, the National Trust property just up the road from school, to sing their carols and Christmas songs.  From 12.30 today they will be performing again at Oakwood.  The children and staff have really enjoyed performing and we are grateful to the venues for welcoming us so warmly.


Our Governing body met this week to review the progress school has made this term.   At Short Wood we are lucky to have a really talented and committed group of volunteers who support the school, we would like to thank them for the work they do a part of the whole team effort.


Well done to our Golden Leaf winners again this week, as always we are really proud of you all.


Next week is a really busy last week of term at Short Wood, we are planning visits to Christ Church on Monday and Tuesday - half the school will go each day.  We have Christmas lunch planned for Wednesday and parties on Thursday. 


Overall School: 93.2%