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Kindness and creativity

We have been treated to two brilliant performances this week from Year 4 and Year 6.  Year 4 presented a lovely assembly focussed on kindness - they reminded everyone of the benefits being kind to others brings and how it makes us feel better in ourselves too.  Year 6 presented a range of work from their 'Is there anybody out there?' topic which has looked at all things related to Space.  They have created wonderful art pieces which have been framed and displayed around school, they performed dances inspired by listening to The Planets Suite by Holst and have designed and made models of buggies for exploring the moon's surface.


Our school council have met with the Telford and Wrekin catering team this week to redesign our school dinner menu.  They discussed a range of options and shared their own ideas that they have collected from talking to their classmates.  They have organised a visit from the Eat Well team so that pupils can sample different foods and are now going to work with their class mates in designing the new menu.


Sports Council have also met this week, they are always looking for how to develop our sporting offer across school gathering ideas for teams and sports our pupils would like to become involved in.


Rehearsals are well under way for the Christmas performances, Early Years are again planning an outdoor nativity after the success of last year's event and Nursery have the farm visiting. Our Year 5 team are planning the Victorian Christmas evening again this year which was so enjoyable last year.  We also have a number of community events planned where our Short Woodies are out and about singing their Christmas songs.


Kindness was a theme running through our Golden leaves this week -  kindness is an essential part of being a fab Short Woody.  Congratulations to all of our winners this week we are really proud of them all. 



Overall School: 93.3%