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Keeping in touch

As we hit the midway point of the week, we hope you are managing to keep your spirits high and are mindfully taking care of each other.  Information and updates are coming our way thick and fast and our staff team are doing their very best to keep on top of everything.  Below is a link sent to schools today with information for parents and carers:


This week all of our teachers have sent a Dojo or email message to their classes.  We really want our pupils and community to know that everyone at school is thinking of them and we would really love to hear about what you have been doing.  Some great learning, that has been emailed in to the address sent home earlier last week, has been shared on our Short Wood Community Learning page; if you have anything you would like to share please send it in or you could share it via Dojo with your child's class teacher.  We would like everyone to write a short reply to your dojo/email so we know you are all keeping well.  If there is anything you need support with, please let us know  and if we can help we will do our best. If you are not receiving the messages please contact school, there are staff in the office daily and we will try to sort out any issues.


Please remember we sent out an email address that you can contact to be able to logon to calm brain at home - short woodies do this 3 times a day in school and it certainly helps to create a calm sense of positive well being, please use this service and enjoy the benefits with your child. 


As a school we are aiming to support our families and community where we can.  Our teachers are regularly updating the website with ideas and activities - please be aware there is no expectation that you will do ALL of the suggestions, we do not want you adding any unnecessary pressure to family life.  Regular reading is a great place to start, listening to stories and playing with numbers can be fun family activities.  Board games are another great past time - how about seeking out old  ones you haven't played for a while if you have them or make up your own, our Short Woodies have great imaginations.


This is a strange time for us all so please do remember to be kind to yourself and each other.




Overall School: 93.4%