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Inspiring young people

We have all been inspired this week by a photo shared by Arthog following Class 6's adventure up the Wrekin.  They tweeted

"Another great day up the Wrekin, the whole group helped get a child's wheelchair up to Heaven Gate.  He then walked all the way up the rocks to complete the ascent and get to the summit with his friends."  We are so proud of the whole class, including this little chap.  The team work, resilience and determination are an inspiration to us all.


Mrs Harris and Mrs Butele were also inspired by a talk from England Rugby Star Johnny Wilkinson this week, they were invited to the House of Lords following the publication of The Parliamentary Review, a document produced by Government to celebrate the hard work of schools across the region. Take a look at Short Wood's entry by following the link below:


As part of Wellington Literary Festival pupils from Year 5 attended the launch of Catherine Cooper's new book this week.  They enjoyed a talk by the author herself and heard all about her inspiration for the novel.


Teachers have had training on Mathematics this week, as lifelong learners we always enjoy the opportunity to reflect on how we deliver learning to our pupils and to ensure we are up to date with the latest research and approaches. 


Hopefully you  have had chance to read the home-school agreement that has been sent home.  We know from experience that working together results in the very best outcomes for everyone, this agreement is important as it makes clear what we can all expect from each other.  If you have not already done so please return the signed slip to school as next week we will be getting each child to sign their leaf to be attached to the tree in Tim's Garden.  The tree represents everyone's commitment to being part of the Short Wood team.  Being in the playground, children often go and sit near the tree, it is a calm, positive and  reflective space.


As always on a Friday we have had our Golden Leaf assembly to celebrate individuals who have shone this week.  As well as wearing their leaf to share how brilliant they are with everyone, they have enjoyed lunch at the top table. Well done to all of them. 


Overall School: 93.4%