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Happy summer holidays

At the end of a term like no other we want to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this term a success.


There have been many highlights - our Year 6 pupils who were in school were treated to a fabulous beach day.  Fish and chips, ice cream, funfair games and a water slide made this a memorable day.  The PTA did an amazing job at making this so special.


Our Arthog team have been adding to the memorable experiences - canoeing on the pool for our key worker bubbles and Year 6 pupils was brilliant.  The squeals of fun and excitement echoed across school.


The curriculum the teachers have planned over the last few weeks has been a real credit to them, the creativity and enthusiasm for learning that has been on display across school has been inspiring.


We have received so many messages of support and appreciation for the efforts of our team.  The staff right across school have made a super effort, the Short Wood team spirit has been as strong as ever.  


Plans are being made for the return of all pupils in September.  The risk assessments will be on the website in the next couple of weeks.  We are always working to the latest guidance, this is updated regularly so we will be monitoring this over the summer  so there may need to be ongoing changes to the plans in place.


We are hoping to put a new film on the website to show everyone what to expect and how to navigate the site in September as the one way system will still be in place. This should be on the website shortly too.  


As we wish our leavers well we have talked a lot today about how these have been challenging times that will go down in history  - we have also reminded our Short Woodies of the positive times we have shared and the fun moments we have had together.  Our Short Woodies always have been and continue to be a total inspiration.


We hope now that everyone can spend some lovely quality time together.  We do not intend to send any further home learning over the holidays. We want you to smile lots, make memories and find some magical moments to share. We look forward to welcoming many of you back in September and for our leavers good luck and be brilliant , remember once a Short Woody, always a Short Woody.


Overall School: 93.4%