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Happy half term

IT has been a really busy half term, so much has been packed into the last 8 weeks. 


Many of our Year 6 pupils have enjoyed a trip to Arthog this week, some of the photos can be seen in the gallery page of the site (under the children's menu).  They will return to school this afternoon, tired but full of things to share and wonderful memories to treasure.  We will be asking the Year 6s to talk to our current Year 5 pupils to inspire them to go next year.  A big thank you to our staff team who have given up their time to accompany the trip, Mrs Saunders, Coach B, Miss Charman and Mr Walker.  Without staff being willing to commit their own time we wouldn't be able to provide such exciting opportunities.  I was really touched on Monday as the group were about to set off when one child presented the Coach driver with a bag of sweets, unprompted to show his appreciation - a true Short Woody act, the driver was really touched.


We have double Golden leaf pictures this week as we held our golden leaf assembly on Monday due to us putting our leaves on the tree the Friday before.  We delight in celebrating with the winners each week, they are rightly very proud of themselves and we are delighted with them too. 


I know the children and staff are looking forward to a well earned rest this week.  When we return we will have a visit from The Book Bus on the first Monday.  There will be an opportunity to buy books after school, if you can't make it then you can send money in an envelope clearly labelled with your child's name as children will be visiting the bus throughout the day.


As the nights get darker please talk to your children about keeping safe and being visible if they are on bikes or walking in the dark.  We are also aware of it being Halloween next week and have talked to your children about the importance of only trick or treating at homes they know are welcoming visitors and that they should not be out and about without a responsible adult accompanying them.


Have a great week, we look forward to welcoming you back after half term.




Overall School: 93.3%