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Christmas countdown

We are definitely beginning to feel the hope and warmth of the Christmas spirit across school.  Just like the Christmas trees are sparkling, the children are too.


Our Early Years festivities started on Monday with a visit from the Farm on Wheels, we welcomed back the donkey, a turkey, a rat and a chicken who joined in with the children while they told the Christmas story.  The turkey was particularly vocal during the songs! 


We had hoped to do our Reception performances around the campfire but the weather conditions were too bad - following the wind and rain it wouldn't have been a safe location so we had to think again.  We didn't want you to miss out on these precious moments, so we arranged for parents to come in early today (Friday) to hear the Reception pupils share their songs. We realise the last minute changes to plans are difficult, so thank you for understanding and supporting us in this.


KS1 have been visiting Santa at Sunnycroft this week as part of our ongoing partnership this year.  They have had the most joyful experiences and we are really grateful for the volunteers who have helped out on these visits.


Year 5 have continued to be real superstars volunteering to sing at Sunnycroft after school to make those visiting Santa in the evening feel that extra 'Christmassey'. Despite the bitterly cold wind their singing was great and truly heart warming.


Next week we hope KS1 performances will go ahead on the terrace at Sunnycroft.  Please wrap up warm if you are coming to watch and wear suitable footwear to be stood on the grass. We also have whole school visits to the church planned so everyone understands how this important Christian festival  is celebrated. Then we will have Christmas dinner on Wednesday and parties on Thursday - phew a busy week ahead!  


Have a happy weekend - please stay warm and safe, we look forward to seeing you all next week for the last week of term.


Overall School: 93.4%