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School Council

They [pupils] have good opportunities to take responsibility, such as on the school council.
Ofsted 2015


My name is Kira and I am in Year 6, in Class 17. I am the School Council Captain. My favourite things about Short Wood are all the staff members and I think everything about the school is amazing. My favourite hobbies are playing my flute, sports and organising things for the school council. My favourite colours are bright colours.



My name is Faheem and I am in Year 6, in Class 15. I am one of the School Council Vice Captains. I am amiable, energetic, affectionate and independent. My hobbies are football, rugby and basketball.





I am Connor and I am in Year 5, in Class 13. I love playing football, being outdoors and going to the skate park. I have one sister and I work well with people.






My name is Zaid and I am in Year 5, in Class 11. I was chosen to be in the school council because I am honest, kind, well mannered and try my best at everything. I want to help other people to try their best too!





My name is Falak and I am in Year 4, in Class 7. I am friendly, kind and hard working. My best subjects are maths and art. I am happy to be on the school council team. I think that the school council is great because you can help others.





My name is Dylan and I am in Year 3, in Class 4. I am kind, helpful, sensible and hard working. I am a good student with big ideas!






My name is Ameena and I am in Year 2, in Class 14. I love art and being healthy. I also love helping people and the best thing for me is being kind because I just love to do it and I think it is being helpful to people.


Overall School: 95% - Every day counts!

Short Wood Primary School - Aiming high, growing dreams.