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Ofsted and Performance Data

Ofsted Key Summary 2015


The School was last inspected in March 2015. A summary of key points is below, while the full report can be downloaded below.

  • The school has improved since the last inspection. This is because strong senior leadership has had a very positive impact on the quality of teaching.


  • Pupils make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics, and standards are rising. The pupils who left Year 6 in 2014 had made particularly rapid progress in reading and mathematics.


  • The curriculum is well planned and creative, and the school makes very effective use of its excellent outdoor facilities.


  • Outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development ensures pupils are growing up in a culture of tolerance for different backgrounds and respect for each other.


  • The school has a positive and prominent place at the heart of the local community.


  • Teaching is good because the senior leaders and others with specific responsibilities have strong systems for checking on teachers’ work. They provide high-quality guidance and support, and extra training where needed.


  • Pupils’ behaviour is good. They have tremendous pride in their work and the school. The staff effectively ensure pupils’ safety.


  • The governing body has worked well to improve its effectiveness since the last inspection. The governors make excellent use of their skills and knowledge to support and challenge the school’s leaders.


  • Good teaching of children in the Nursery and Reception classes gives them a positive start to their schooling

Key Stage 2 Results 2017


Overall School: 95.1% - Every day counts!

Short Wood Primary School - Aiming high, growing dreams. We wish you all a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.