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Year 6

Good morning Year 6 smiley


Now the weather has brightened up again we have a couple of activities for you to have a go at outside! Both of these could be adapted for indoors if necessary though.


1) Can you use materials to create a nest for a baby bird? What time of materials would be best? How would the chick keep warm? How would it be protected? How would the nest balance?


Can you sketch your nest and label it with the names of the materials you chose? Can you explain the properties of each material and how they are helpful?


2) Scavenger hunt – outside is best but you could adapt the list for inside.


Can you find the following items?


* something red

* a feather

* a snail shell – check no one is home!!

* a twig

* something blue

* a dandelion

* some tree bark

* something heart shaped

* a daisy

* a brown leaf

* something star shaped

* something that flies

* something beautiful


You could take photographs of your treasure or sketch them if you don’t have a camera.


Have a great day!


Mr Walker, Mrs Bridger, Mr Hill Shaw, Mrs Jones and Mrs Saunders x


Overall School: 96.6%

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