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Year 6

Happy Wednesday Year 6 J


Remember, each day we would really encourage you to be finding time to:


* Do something active

* Read for half an hour

* Recite 2 of your times tables – get someone to challenge you to see how fast you can recall them

* Spellings – revise a different spelling pattern from your homework book each day or find new power words and practise how to spell them


Hopefully, you have already received, or will very soon receive, your pack which we have posted home. In there you will find some sunflower seeds to plant and look after, and a stretchy man! He is for you to create some adventures with! You could name him and create a character profile, or a comic strip, or write a diary entry from his point of view after – use your imagination and keep sending us your ideas!!


Also today, we’d like you to have a think about the following activities:


1) Design and create a poster on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. You may want to add some exercise routines for people to follow!


2) One-minute challenge!


Challenge members of your family to see who can complete the most of a certain challenge in one minute. You could try:


· Writing your own name

· Writing a tricky spelling

· Star jumps or skipping with a rope

· Moving dry pasta from one dish to another using a straw

· Adding bricks to a Lego tower (from a collection on the other side of the room!)

· Completing simple addition or subtraction or tables calculations

· Finding small items that have been hidden around the house or garden


Remember to stay in touch at:


Have fun and stay safe!


Mrs Jones, Mrs Bridger, Mr Walker, Mr Hill-Shaw and Mrs Saunders x


Overall School: 96.6%

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