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Year 6

Good morning Year 6 smiley


How are your sunflowers doing? Remember to send us some photos to - we'd love to see them!


Here are your tasks for today:


1) Make up a song, rap or dance about your new hotel. Think carefully about how you are going to choose to represent your hotel - which features will you include in your song?

It will be shown at the grand opening so it needs to be a very polished performance!


2) Investigate which exercise makes your heart beat fastest.

Choose 5 and do them for one minute. Don't forget to make a prediction first! Then test your pulse rate after each.

Could you show your results in a graph or a chart?

Write a conclusion to explain your results.


Have fun and stay safe!


Mr Walker, Mrs Jones, Mr Hill Shaw, Mrs Bridger and Mrs Saunders x



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams