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Year 6

Happy Wednesday Year 6s smiley


Today, we would really like you to have a go at the following activity:


You are living through history right now! Create a box of items and information that you can keep safe and look back on at a later date.


You could include:


Some photos from this time

A journal of your days (how you are feeling, what you have done etc)

Local newspaper clippings

Any artwork you have created

Special memories

An interview with your parents

A letter to yourself in the future – what do you hope you are doing in 2030?


There is just one task today as it's quite a big one and we'd love it if you spent some time really thinking about what to include.


Just imagine, one day, many years in the future, a historian could find your box and use it as a primary source to help them understand this time of the Covid-19 lockdown!


Have fun and stay safe!


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams