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Year 6

Morning Year 6s smiley


We hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and have enjoyed the sunshine!


In addition to the daily tasks, we'd like you to have a go at the following activities:


1) Are you fitter at different times of the day?


Record how many star jumps, press-ups or whatever you like you can do in a minute at hourly intervals in the day.


Can you do more in the morning? Have a go at predicting what you think will happen.


Show your results in a graph. Try and write a conclusion. Was your prediction right?


2) Blind drawing challenge!


For this challenge, you are going to need a pencil and a piece of paper. Choose an object and study it carefully. Put on your blindfold and then attempt to draw the object.


Show it to someone else – can they tell what you have drawn?


Remember to keep sending your work in to:


Keep safe and have fun!



Overall School: 96.6%

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