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Year 6

Happy Friday Year 6 smiley


Today, we would really like you to have a go at the following activities:


1) Think about the patterns and example of symmetry that you found yesterday.


Draw a picture which has reflective symmetry.


Colour it in carefully and make sure the colours are also symmetrical.


2) And for a bit of Friday fun....


No Thumbs Challenge!


Everyone takes their thumbs for granted. So, what will you do when you no longer can use them? Well, make a mess of things of course!


In this challenge, ask someone to tape your thumbs in a way so that you can’t use them, no matter how much you try!


Now try and complete simple activities like eating cereal or getting dressed!


We'd love to see photos or examples of your work. Remember your can keep sending these in to:


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


Mrs Jones, Mrs Bridger, Mr Hill Shaw, Mr Walker and Mrs Saunders x


Overall School: 96.6%

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