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Year 5

Good Morning Year 5.

We hope you are all ok!

Today, we would like you to:

  • Do a Joe Wicks workout or something else active.
  • Read for half an hour – write an entry in your diary. What has happened so far? What is going to happen next? Who are the characters and what are they like?


  • Recite your timetables - 6’s and 3’s today
  • Spellings – spelling rule:

Words containing the letter string ough

ought, bought, thought, nought, brought, fought

rough, tough, enough


though, although, dough


thorough, borough

plough, bough

Create a table with the different sounds the ‘ough’ sound makes. E.g. ‘or’ ‘ow’ ‘uff’. Sort the words into the table e.g. rough would go in he ‘uff’ sound.


  • Maths skills practice
  1. Alisha went on a shopping spree and bought 12 pairs of shoes. Each pair cost £15. How much did she spend?
  2. If Riley eats 5 biscuits a day, how many does he eat over 234 days?
  3. Mr Burroughs wants to replace the school’s footballs. Each football costs £9 and he wants to order 134. How much will they cost?
  4. Emma buys a jar full of 126 sweets. She wants to get enough sweets to last her all year, so she buys another 4 jars. How many sweets are there in all 5 jars?
  5. Miss Huntley needs to order some new whiteboard pens. She orders 6 boxes. Each box contains 24 pens. How many pens are ordered?



Choose 4 different biscuits. Investigate which biscuit is the best dunker - Digestive, bourbon, shortbread etc

The best dunker can be dunked the most amount of times without falling into the cup.

Name of biscuit

Draw biscuit

Describe the texture of the biscuit

How many dunks did it take to break









Draw a table like this and complete (or you could use your excel skills to create a table on the computer. You could import pictures of each of the biscuits, from google)


Your biscuit can be dunked in tea or coffee, you decide.


Make sure a parent helps you as the water will be very hot.


Write a short conclusion about why the winning biscuit won. Think about the texture of the biscuit.


2) Reading and Writing!

Listen to our Dojo Class Story online.


Choose your favourite character in the story so far.

Write a diary entry from that characters perspective.

Remember to complete a short brain storm plan in your book first. What are your 5 paragraphs about? Think about the context of the story and what they might talk about in their diary that day.

Think about your Ros Wilson targets, and the power words we have worked on in class.


Mrs Lowndes and I will look forward to reading these J


Overall School: 96.6%

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