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Year 2

This morning it is Joe Wicks dress up Friday! We  would love to see the outfits you have worn for your work out this morning!




Fraction family problem




Use your word bank that you created yesterday to write a 'Rainy Day' poem.

Can you use:

  • ambitious adjectives- try to improve on the ones in your list. eg wet to soaked
  • simile eg: the rain poured down the window like a waterfall
  • uses your senses.

Remember to make sure that your handwriting and presentation is neat. :)


Afternoon activity


Have a go at using the instructions below to draw an accurate self portrait. Focus on making sure you include all your features and think hard about the size of these as well as the position on your face.


Don't forget to send your work into us by Class Dojo.


Have a lovely weekend.


Overall School: 96.6%

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