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Year 2

Good Morning Year 2 children. Welcome to your learning activities for this week.



Use these words to practise your handwriting. Remember to think carefully about the size and formation of your letters.

Reading Comprehension

Read through this story and then answer the questions.

1. Why was Ben unhappy?

2. What cheered him up?

3. Why did Ben feel tired and fed up at the supermarket?

4. How many flavours of milkshake were there?

5. Why did Ben decide that shopping wasn't too bad after all?



Have a look at this fruit pictogram and then try to answer the questions about it. The pictogram shows us the favourite fruit of children in a class, for example 5 children liked apples best.

1. Which fruit was the most popular?

2. Which fruit was the least popular?

3. How many children liked pears best?

4. How many children liked strawberries best?

5. How many more children liked apples than liked kiwi fruit?



Can you think of your own questions to ask about the pictogram? Ask someone in your house to answer them.




We would like you to try and sketch some of the fruit that you have at home. Just use a normal pencil and try to add in some shading to improve your picture. Here are some ideas to help you.




Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams