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Year 2

Happy Friday!


Here is today's learning.



Practice the following joins.



Can you include these words in sentences that contain adjectives (noun phrases)?



Today I would like you to write your wish story. I can't wait to hear all about the wishes that you made and what adventures they took you on.


What will the title of your story be?


I want you to think really hard about your sentence starters.


Can you start them with adverbs for example: Slowly, Quietly, Rapidly.

Can you start them with adjectives: Vast...  Angry, grey clouds...


I would like you to include:

  • different conjunctions eg because, if, so, while ,and, but, or
  • noun phrases eg Angry, grey clouds covered the sky.
  • a range of punctuation   .    ,   ?  !    '   " "




Clearly explain your decision, you may want to use diagrams to help you too.






Create a front cover or an illustration for your story.



Lets get active!


You will need someone to time a minute which is exactly 60 seconds!

How many of the following can you do in a minute? Record your results on a table.

Star jumps, laps of the garden, tuck jumps, hops. Can you think of any more? If so, add them to your table!



How long can you balance on your right leg for? How long can you balance on your left leg for?


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams