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Year 2

Good morning year 2’s. Here is today’s learning tasks for you.



Practice the following words. Make sure the letters are the correct size and the joins are clear.


Can you write the words in sentences with a capital letter and correctly punctuated.


Challenge- can you include a conjunction? For example: but, and, yet, so, or, because, while



Joining words, or coordinating conjunctions, are words like and, because, if and when.


We can use them to link two ideas together.

For example: We will need a net and we will need a box too.

A good thing about the joining words because, if and when, is that we can use them at the beginning or in the middle of a sentence. For example:

  • You will need to be prepared because your monster might try to escape.
  • Because your monster might try to escape, you will need to be prepared.

  • Take a look at this video about co-ordinating conjunctions.
    Activity 1: Finding the conjunctions
    Take a look at the sentence below. Copy down all the sentences that contain a coordinating conjunction. Take your time with making sure that your letters are all the correct size and your joins are clear.
  • We need to go now if we want to be on time. 
  • The dog loved running really fast on the field. 
  • Because you're were well behaved, you can have a reward.
  • See how high you can jump in the air.
  • That cat is always eating because it's always hungry.
  • It's been raining all day long.
  • When I get home, I'm going to have some food and play my games.
  • I jumped even higher than the last person.
  • If I see you, I will say hello.
    Have a go at the game on the site and highlight the conjunctions.


  Bubble wishes
 If you could make a wish, what would you wish for?
 Think of 3 wishes you would like to make. You could blow them into bubbles and   let them float away, or you could draw 3 bubbles and write your wishes in them.


Time to get creative. Can you create some bubble art?

Don’t forget to send your work into your teachers through dojo!


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams