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Year 2

Hi Year 2- haven't we been so lucky with the beautiful weather this week? I hope that you have been enjoying it.

Here is your home learning tasks for today.





Write a line of each join. Can you make a list of words that contain this join? for example fire, worm



Today I want you to use the facts and information that you learnt yesterday to make a poster for others about how we can help to look after and protect bees.


Include information about why they are in danger, as well as ideas of what we can do to help protect the number of bees we have.


You may want to organise your work with subheadings and include pictures.


I can't wait to see what you make! It would be great if we could print some off and put them around school to teach others about the role they can play in protecting bees.



Use your fraction knowledge to explain which you would rather have.


Would you rather have:

1/2 of £6 or 1/4 of £8?


Would you rather have:

1/3 of 9 sweets, or 1/2 of 8 sweets?







I would like you to use your sketching and shading skills to sketch a detailed picture of a bee. Think about where colours are lighter or darker and how you could create this. In class we pressed light and hard with our pencil, as well as using cross hatching to create different shades.


Have a lovely weekend and half term break.




Overall School: 96.6%

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