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Year 2

Hello Yr 2's, we hope you are having a good week. 



Maths - 3D shapes

Maths - 3D shapes 1

Have a go at making a cube, you could use play-dough, blue-tac, sellotape, rolled up paper, straws, sticks or any other construction toys you may have. 


Once you have made your cube:

-Can you use your 2D shape knowledge to identify any 2D  shapes within the cube?

- Can you count the number of faces, edges and vertices (corners)? 



Can you make any other 3D shapes using your construction materials, remember to identify the 2D shapes within the 3D shape and count the number of faces, edges and vertices. Which of your 3D shapes has the most/least? 

We will look forward to seeing your photos on dojo. 


Literacy  1

Once you've made your journey stick describe the items using adjectives. 

Make a list of the item and the adjective. 


This will help you write your poem tomorrow. 


Please note:

Please don't feel you have to go out to do this, it could just be items from your garden OR feel free to collect interesting objects from your journey around your home. 

Your stick could be a wooden spoon and the coloured threads could just be some string. 

Science - How do you know it's Spring?

Science - How do you know it's Spring?  1

In fact, we could even say it is 'late spring' if you do go out to make your journey stick today lookout for the signs of spring, early summer.  You might just want to do this activity lying peacefully in your garden. 

Record your findings in a list or table.  

I wonder how many you can find? 


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