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Year 2

Hello Year 2's! 


These are your activities for today...



All of the words below have an 'un' prefix, can you read them and match them to the correct definition? 

Picture 1



Can you find as many straight objects as you can around the house and garden such as twigs, pencils or pipe cleaners and make 2D shapes with them?


How many sides do your shapes have?

How many corners? 

Picture 1



This week is 'National Salvation Army Week'. The Salvation Army has existed for over 150 years and has always worked to help people during difficult times. Could you do some research this afternoon to find out more about them? I have attached some files about it's founders, but you might need a grown up to help you read them!


Try to spot any words with the 'un' prefix, for example 'unhappy', 'unfortunate' or 'unhelpful'. 




Can you make a mind map of kind things that you could do for other people to make them smile?


How does it make you feel when you do something nice for someone?


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