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Year 2

Good morning everyone smiley

We are now going to put activities on to these pages every day to keep you busy as home. You will also be getting some things through the post!


Every day it is important that you......

  • keep active
  • read or listen to stories
  • spend lots of time talking to the people in your house
  • have time to relax


Start to keep a diary so you can look back in the future at what you did.

Include what you have done as well as the other people in your house. Don't forget to include your own thoughts and feeling so we can really hear the 'author's voice' in your writing.


Have a go at these word problems-


Sam has got 6 cars. Jack has got 3 times as many cars as Sam. How many cars does Jack have?


Jane baked 16 cakes but her sister ate 1/4 (one quarter) of them. How many cakes did she have left?


Joe went to the shop and he spent 25p. Then he went to another shop and spent 34p. He had £1.00 to start with. How much change did he have left?

Outdoor Time

Outdoor Time 1
This is a really busy time of year for bees. Get out in the garden and see how many different types you can see!


Overall School: 96.6%

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